Diabetes Inside Jokes: Ill People Blob Wobble?


When I talk about diabetes, I feel like everything I say sounds like it was run through YouTube’s close caption feature. Meaning that everything I say sounds like gibberish. You don’t speak diabetese too?

What I Say: I was running a bit high, so I decided to change out my infusion set. Bent cannula. Ouch.

What I Meant: My blood sugar was high, so I decided to change the infusion set, the part that attaches to me. (Yes, it attaches to me. No, it doesn’t really hurt.) When I pulled it out (no, it didn’t hurt), I noticed that the cannula, a flexible tube, was bent so I wasn’t getting enough insulin. No, I don’t know where the insulin goes when the cannula is bent. Yes, I guess it is sort of bad but I’m not going to die.

What They Hear: I was gunning a bit of pie, so guy rewrited to change out my infuriating pet. Bent cannoli. Ouch.

[I admit it: the video has nothing to do with diabetes. But it is marginally connected with my post and it is really funny.]


About Nel

As a graduate education student, I've come to the conclusion that teaching requires an addiction to caffeine. My favorite caffeinated beverages are coffee, tea, and diet Coke. And when I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January 2012, I also came to the conclusion that living requires insulin. I blog about my busy life juggling graduate education courses, a teaching assistantship in my University's English department, and my recent type 1 diabetes diagnosis the The Clumsy Juggler. I do not live in New York City.

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