Diabetes Inside Jokes: How to Develop Carb Vision


As helpful as nutrition apps like Go Meals are, what I really want is carb vision, the ability to tell the number of carbs in any given food item just by looking at it. It’s like x-ray vision for people with diabetes.


After watching a number of super hero films and discussing this topic many times with friends, I’ve come up with the following list of ways to develop carb vision.


1: Get struck by lightning while checking my blood sugar


English: Lightning 1882

English: Lightning 1882 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



2: Fill my pump with radioactive insulin


The danger classification sign of radioactive ...

The danger classification sign of radioactive materials (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


3:Get struck by lightning while refilling my pump


4: Take a really really big injection of genetically engineered insulin/superman growth serum. Or maybe two.


English: Insulin type syringe ready for inject...

English: Insulin type syringe ready for injection. Doctors view. Deutsch: eine Insulinspritze, bereit für die Injektion. Aus der Sichtweise des Arztes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


5:Eat a radioactive sandwich

Mortadella sandwich

Mortadella sandwich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



6: Get bitten by a radioactive nutritionist


What’s your diabetes super power?





About Nel

As a graduate education student, I've come to the conclusion that teaching requires an addiction to caffeine. My favorite caffeinated beverages are coffee, tea, and diet Coke. And when I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January 2012, I also came to the conclusion that living requires insulin. I blog about my busy life juggling graduate education courses, a teaching assistantship in my University's English department, and my recent type 1 diabetes diagnosis the The Clumsy Juggler. I do not live in New York City.

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