What Diabetes Looks Like: Big Bags and Little Bags


Although a small thing, buying an Xpress Wallet from Myabetic was one of the best decisions I’ve made about how to manage my diabetes. I didn’t realize how burdened I felt by the need to constantly carry a purse until the day my new case came in and I walked out the door to a meeting with just my meter case, id card, and keys. I also realized that I mainly carried my purse so I could tuck my meter case out of sight, something I no longer felt compelled to do. I left my new case out on the table beside me when I ate in the dining common, like my other friends left out their little zippy pouches for their cell phones. My diabetes didn’t need to be something ugly that I hid without even thinking about it.

But that subtle feeling of irritation at needing to carry “all this junk” crept back in shortly afterwords. My first action was counter-intuitive, but necessary: I bought a bigger bag.

the mother of all bags

the mother of all bags

it's not only bigger, but also structured, something appeals to my ever-so-slightly OCD self

it’s not only bigger than my last bag, but also more structured, something appeals to my ever-so-slightly OCD self

I had been making due all last semester with medium-sized unstructured purse, and as a result I carried my computer and a stack of books in my arms and toted a purse. What I needed was a school bag. Buying the school bag, believe it or not, relieved a significant amount of stress and crankiness.  But I still wanted a smaller bag that carried just the stuff I needed, something that fit a little more than my meter case.

And then Myabetic released its new Marie wallet. 

Myabetic's Marie wallet and meter case

It’s a little longer than my Xpress wallet so it fits a tad bit more inside, allowing me to stick a tube of glucose tablets and my lipgloss in my case with my testing supplies.

Since my switch to OneTouch test strips, I've been using my Ping's meter remote, Idris. My Accu-Chek Gandalf Lathspell hangs out in a drawer with my back up OneTouch mini, Wyrd

Since my switch to OneTouch test strips, I’ve been using my Ping’s meter remote, Idris. My Accu-Chek meter, Gandalf Lathspell, hangs out in a drawer with my back up OneTouch mini, Wyrd, and Fortuna, the Freestyle Lite meter I used when I was first diagnosed.

The front of the bag is a built in wallet.

Marie 2

And there’s a back pocket big enough for my cell phone. I clip my keys on the outside, attach the detachable strap, and go.

Big Bag and Little Bag

Big Bag and Little Bag


When I showed the bag to my friend L for the first time, she told me that her parents had recently asked her how I was doing. Her response? “Nel’s styling her diabetes.”

Why yes, yes I am.


About Nel

As a graduate education student, I've come to the conclusion that teaching requires an addiction to caffeine. My favorite caffeinated beverages are coffee, tea, and diet Coke. And when I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January 2012, I also came to the conclusion that living requires insulin. I blog about my busy life juggling graduate education courses, a teaching assistantship in my University's English department, and my recent type 1 diabetes diagnosis the The Clumsy Juggler. I do not live in New York City.

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  1. Thanks for the link. My friend says that I should find an ugly case so they won’t steal my gear and medication. But I think, since I am sick and I have to use insulin, I want to have nice gear. Have to take it with me all the time. Do you think you can fit two insulin pens in your wallet?

    • I agree with you, Smile. If you have to carry it, you might as well like it! After all, I don’t carry an ugly purse even though I put my money in it. 🙂 You can fit two insulin pens in this wallet easily. In fact, it’s designed to carry insulin pens. It’s got two elastic loops that you could use to hold your pens. (One loop might be intended for a lancet, but the pen would fit there just fine and you could put the lancet in the zipper pouch. The Myabetic website has pictures of the inside and a video of the bag “in action” if you’d like to take a look.

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