A Rose for a Child


I sometimes complain about how little money I have. I often complain about how much my diabetes supplies costs. In reality, I know I have more than enough. Some people don’t.

A coalition of diabetes bloggers has come together to create the campaign “Spare a Rose, Save A Child” to raise support for the International Diabetes Federation’s Life for a Child program. The initiative is simple: buy one less rose and give the money you save to Life for a Child. Think about all the costs associated with managing diabetes: the insulin, the test strips, the meter, the lancets, the doctor’s appointments and consider making a small donation this Valentine’s Day. You can learn more about Life for a Child and donate to the program at the International Diabetes Federation website.



About Nel

As a graduate education student, I've come to the conclusion that teaching requires an addiction to caffeine. My favorite caffeinated beverages are coffee, tea, and diet Coke. And when I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January 2012, I also came to the conclusion that living requires insulin. I blog about my busy life juggling graduate education courses, a teaching assistantship in my University's English department, and my recent type 1 diabetes diagnosis the The Clumsy Juggler. I do not live in New York City.

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    • You are welcome. I want to learn to live in a way where I view what I have not as something that I need, but as something entrusted to me so that I can give to people who don’t have enough. It’s a hard shift in thinking to make, but this campaign is helping. I especially love that it’s something that individuals are doing, not an organization.

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