The Best Valentine’s Day Present


I’ve not gotten many Valentine’s Day presents, but I’ve gotten some memorable ones. Like the “boyfriend” my childhood best friend sent me my sophomore year of college.

William Charles Alexander Bearington III: He's chocolate-scented and he's from Oxford. He's also available, ladies.

William Charles Alexander Bearington III: He’s chocolate-scented and he’s from Oxford. He’s also available now, ladies.

Last year was my first Valentine’s Day with diabetes. Chocolate wasn’t off limits, but I was newly diagnosed and had no desire to look even look at sweets at the time since I had only just gotten that galling high blood sugar sweetness off my breath. My boyfriend (this one a boy, not a bear) gave me something better than chocolate.

He took me shopping for “diabetes stuff.” He bought me glucose tabs and juice boxes and peanut butter and whole wheat saltine crackers and cheese sticks.

pb crackers

It was exactly five million times better than chocolate. And that’s saying a lot.

Wondering what you will do this Valentine’s Day? Considering donating to Life for a Child. This Valentine’s Season, a coalition of diabetes bloggers is trying to raise support for Life for a Child through their Spare a Rose, Save a Child initiative. Buy one less rose this Valentine’s Day and donate your savings to Life for a Child.

About Nel

As a graduate education student, I've come to the conclusion that teaching requires an addiction to caffeine. My favorite caffeinated beverages are coffee, tea, and diet Coke. And when I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in January 2012, I also came to the conclusion that living requires insulin. I blog about my busy life juggling graduate education courses, a teaching assistantship in my University's English department, and my recent type 1 diabetes diagnosis the The Clumsy Juggler. I do not live in New York City.

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