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Dress Up

Playing Dress Up

Playing Dress Up (Photo credit: ohsohappytogether)

The sweet receptionist at the bridal boutique assured me that I would really feel like I was getting married after I tried on the first wedding dress. Several wedding dresses later, I didn’t feel any more engaged than I had when I first walked in.

I had tried on every kind of dress imaginable–lacy dresses and satiny dresses, full-skirted princess dresses and sleek A-line dresses. But each of the several-sizes-too-large try-on dresses swallowed me. I didn’t look like a bride; I looked like a little girl.  I felt like one too. I just wanted to go home and watch Disney movies.

It wasn’t what I expected wedding dress shopping to be like. I expected something a little more glamorous and a little less like playing dress up.

As I plugged my pump back in, I asked my mom, “How long have we been here?”

“Two hours.”

Oops. I found unplugging and plugging and unplugging the pump while trying on different dresses a bit awkward, so I ended up tossing it in the dressing room with my jeans and my t-shirt. I had been without insulin for two hours. No wonder I didn’t feel so great.

I didn’t get my dress that day. But I did learn a lesson for future dress shopping:

Don’t leave your pump in the dressing room.


Couch to 5K Day 18: Back (on the) Track


When I began this jogging challenge, I mistakenly believed that rewarding myself with stuff for meeting short term goals would increase my motivation. My idea was to use things I would only use while exercising–things like new exercise clothes or new earbuds–as special treats to keep me jogging. Meet the goal, get the treat. Makes sense, right?

The only problem is it doesn’t work.

The knowledge that I will get something doesn’t motivate me. Having already gotten something,however, does motivate me. I know I’m getting all crazy with verb tenses here, but think about it a little bit. I don’t know about you, but when I buy something I want to use it. You know what got me back on the track after a grad-school-project-induced hiatus? Buying myself an armband for my iPod. Part of what motivated me to go jogging on Tuesday was a desire to finish what I had started and a desire to jog for the sake of jogging. But I also wanted to use my cool new armband.

Aduro U-Band Sport Armband


So I guess I’ve learned that if I want to get things done, I should buy myself more stuff?

[Tuesday’s] Workout

Pre-workout blood sugar: 225 mg/dl

The workout: Since I took some time off from steady jogging to focus on projects, I lost some of my progress. I went back to week 6 of the program so I can work myself back up to jogging for a solid 20 minutes. 5 minutes of warm up. 5 minutes jogging, 3 minutes walking, 8 minutes jogging, 3 minutes walking, 5 minutes jogging. 5 minute cool down. 34 minutes total.

Post-workout blood sugar: 123 mg/dl


About the whole jogging thing….


I only have two weeks left of classes, and I am drowning in over due projects and end-of-the-semester grading. My exercise routine has remained semi-consistent (read: once or twice a week), a major accomplishment for a former couch potato like myself. But blogging? Not happening. At least until my over due Continuing Digital Portfolio is submitted.

And so, dear readers, I submit this Wordle word cloud of my blog for your visual enjoyment in the interim.

Wordle: The Clumsy Juggler

Couch to 5K Challenge Day 16: Countdown


29 days until the end of the semester

128 days until I get married

252 days until I graduate from grad school

…and, halfway through my challenge! I began Week 6 of the 10 week program yesterday. I got a little off track  last week (trust me, I have a good excuse), but I’m more determined than ever to finish this program.

[Tuesday’s] Workout

Pre-workout blood sugar: 189 mg/dl

The workout: 5 minute warm up walk. Jog for 5 minutes, walk for 3 minutes, jog for 8 minutes, walk for 3 minutes, jog for 5 minutes. 5 minute cool down.

Post-workout blood sugar: 112 mg/dl


Couch to 5K Challenge Day 8: When do I stretch?


Over Christmas break, I went jogging with my brother a couple of times. We dutifully stretched before each jog. Once, our dad saw us and asked us what we were doing. “Well, you can stretch before you jog if you want to,” he said, “but it’s not going to do you any good.”

Now I’m confused. Am I supposed to stretch before I jog? After I jog? After my warm-up? I do something different each time, although generally I stretch right before I jog.

Today’s Workout

Pre-workout blood sugar: 155 mg/dl

The workout: 4 minute warm-up. Jog 1:30, walk 1:30, jog 3:00, then walk 3:00. Rinse, lather, and repeat. 5 minute cool-down. 28 minutes total.

Post-workout blood sugar: 127 mg/dl

The Best Valentine’s Day Present


I’ve not gotten many Valentine’s Day presents, but I’ve gotten some memorable ones. Like the “boyfriend” my childhood best friend sent me my sophomore year of college.

William Charles Alexander Bearington III: He's chocolate-scented and he's from Oxford. He's also available, ladies.

William Charles Alexander Bearington III: He’s chocolate-scented and he’s from Oxford. He’s also available now, ladies.

Last year was my first Valentine’s Day with diabetes. Chocolate wasn’t off limits, but I was newly diagnosed and had no desire to look even look at sweets at the time since I had only just gotten that galling high blood sugar sweetness off my breath. My boyfriend (this one a boy, not a bear) gave me something better than chocolate.

He took me shopping for “diabetes stuff.” He bought me glucose tabs and juice boxes and peanut butter and whole wheat saltine crackers and cheese sticks.

pb crackers

It was exactly five million times better than chocolate. And that’s saying a lot.

Wondering what you will do this Valentine’s Day? Considering donating to Life for a Child. This Valentine’s Season, a coalition of diabetes bloggers is trying to raise support for Life for a Child through their Spare a Rose, Save a Child initiative. Buy one less rose this Valentine’s Day and donate your savings to Life for a Child.



Diabetes is easy to complain about. You have to fight to keep blood sugar levels in range. You have to fight perverse desires to eat an entire pizza by yourself and wash it down with regular Coke, and then you have to fight feeling deprived because you shouldn’t. It’s all too easy to focus on the things that go wrong.

But sometimes, things go right.

Sometimes,while on vacation in Disney World, you take a wild guess at how many carbs are in the huge bowl of pasta you know you shouldn’t have ordered at Tony’s restaurant and you manage to time the combo bolus perfectly and your blood sugar stays in range for the rest of the afternoon.

Sometimes, your blood sugar is perfectly in range before you go to bed even though it’s been running high in the evening for the past couple of weeks.

Sometimes, you eat a piece of chocolate in the afternoon and your blood sugar is still perfectly on target before supper.

And when that happens, diabetes is almost beautiful.