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Couch to 5K Challenge Day 26: Jogging Buddies


I always jog alone.

Ok, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Before I began this program, I did go jogging with my brother and my sister a couple of times. My stamina was a bit lacking, so I didn’t go very far and I couldn’t carry a conversation. I probably pushed myself too hard. I was glad to spend time with my siblings, but I wasn’t eager to find a jogging partner when I started the Couch to 5K program last semester.

But then Tuesday night I got a text from a friend I hadn’t seen in a month, asking if I wanted to go for a jog. Sure, why not. I hadn’t seen her in a month. It would be nice to catch up.

My stamina has definitely improved, because I was able to keep a decent pace and still carry on a conversation–and not a particularly shallow one either. Both of us were surprised by how quick the 28-minute jog was over! I like jogging, but I’m acutely conscious of every second. But not Tuesday.

[Tuesday’s] Workout

Pre-workout blood sugar: 139 mg/dl

The workout: 5 minutes warm up. 28 minutes jogging. 5 minutes cool down.

Post-workout blood sugar: 149 mg/dl

Only two more weeks before I finish the program!