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Couch to 5K Challenge Day 8: When do I stretch?


Over Christmas break, I went jogging with my brother a couple of times. We dutifully stretched before each jog. Once, our dad saw us and asked us what we were doing. “Well, you can stretch¬†before¬†you jog if you want to,” he said, “but it’s not going to do you any good.”

Now I’m confused. Am I supposed to stretch before I jog? After I jog? After my warm-up? I do something different each time, although generally I stretch right before I jog.

Today’s Workout

Pre-workout blood sugar: 155 mg/dl

The workout: 4 minute warm-up. Jog 1:30, walk 1:30, jog 3:00, then walk 3:00. Rinse, lather, and repeat. 5 minute cool-down. 28 minutes total.

Post-workout blood sugar: 127 mg/dl